Lasertag Bomb

  • Electronic bomb simulator
  • Counter-terrorist scenario
  • Status display
  • Hard case
  • Shake and water resistance

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Battle against the time

Counter terrorist scenario with lasertag bomb

To create the battle even more action-packed and fun PMP Play has introduced many accessories to the game so players can experience the different game scenarios.

One of these scenarios is the counter-terrorist scenario. In this game-mode players divide into two different teams (Terrorist and CT), terrorist team plants the bomb on a specific area and the CT team has to locate the bomb, protect and defuse it to win the round.  If the lasertag bomb goes off all players will get in-game damage and the terrorist team wins that round.

The defuse mechanism on the lasertag bomb can be adjusted for different modes so it will be easier or harder depending on your team skills. you can use math puzzles for diffuse code or just a single button.

lasertag bomb lime
nanuk logo

Produced with top-quality materials

The hard case of the lasertag bomb are productions of Nanuk (professional protective case manufacturer) which is made from the best materials (these cases are being used to protect the airplane black boxes). To pass the quality check these hard cases have been tested for burn resistance, shake resistance, water resistance, and pressure resistance.

Color variation

Lasertag bomb cases are produced in different colors. you can choose the brightest glow in the dark colors or even dark black colors (in some scenarios you may want to hide the lasertag bomb).

lasertag bomb white
lasertag bomb blue
lasertag bomb lime
lasertag bomb yellow
lasertag bomb orange
lasertag bomb red
lasertag bomb black
Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 259 × 201 × 114 cm
Charger type

Li+ (8,4V; 1000 mA)

Battery type

Li+ (2,2 Ah)

Battery life

30 h

Case Color

Yellow, Orange, Red, Lime, Blue, Black, White


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